Friday, March 2, 2012

Wrought iron window boxes are just my style...

Most homeowners these days enjoy decorating and making a house into a home. While everyone has their own ideas about decorating, there is generally a theme involved somewhere.

The interesting thing is, you never know whether the theme is driven by the man or the woman of the house. Admittedly, when there's only one adult in the house, it is evident. But when couples come together to create their shared space, amazing things can happen.

One of the amazing things that happened when my spouse and I came together was my discovery of wrought iron window boxes. My husband has a love of all things wrought iron - I think he was a blacksmith in a previous life! But until I met him I never even knew there was such a thing.

Now I've found that there is a vast array of these beautiful and functional planters available. Check out sites like and Window Box Planters if you don't believe me. These durable, rustic and classic window boxes have given the front of our condo a distinctive style. Not easy to do when just about everything else about the outside of our unit is regulated by the HOA! I'm so glad we bought on the side of the complex we did, though; any other position would have prevented our front windows from getting the sun needed by my little window box herb garden.

I hope to get some photos of it for you to post soon. Right now my good camera is having some sort of problem. My husband thinks its to do with the battery contacts, but I think it's just time to invest in a new camera!

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